Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

If you use tobacco or medical marijuana then a dry herb vape pen is the best and the safest option for you. While it is incredibly helpful it also helps your lungs not to get burned out by giving you clean and even extraction from the pen. Vaporizers make it a lot easier for you on a daily basis to smoke the herb of your choice without causing much harm to you and the people that surround you.

How do vape pens work?

In order to understand how a vape pen works it is important to understand what it does. A vape pen helps the herb that you are using to heat up but not com-bust. It uses essential oils to make sure that the herb is boiled to an extent to which it creates a vapor that is then inhaled by the consumer in the same way as if he were smoking, causing a lot less harm than the normal smoke out of filtered cigarette.

Types of vaporizers There are two types of pens that are used to make the dry herbs into vapor through essential oils that contain active ingredients:

  • Conduction is the traditional or initial method of how vape pens work. Even though it is safe, it suffered from a major design defect. Because the essential oils were heating up the herb in order to create even vapors, there was a part of the herb that was being left untouched causing the herb to combust. This was losing out the complete idea of the pens. The part where the herb was, was in direct contact with the consumer, thus heating it up was not going to be feasible.
  • Convention us the new hybrid design, it allows the air inside the pen to boil the herbs and thus the herbs in the centre of the mass is also getting exposed creating even vaporization. These pens are thermostatically controlled and are expensive because controlling air temperatures in them is much harder.

Are vape pens safe?

The answer to this question is simply a yes! There isn’t anything in today’s world that is absolutely 100% safe, it is about minimizing risks. If you are using a vape pen it is mountains less harmful than a cigarette. The thing here is about changing your habits a little, if you are a smoker and want to find an alternative to have better healthier lungs then you can place your bets on this!

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