How to Quit Smoking Using E-Cigs

If you’re a long time smoker, you’ve likely tried quitting once or twice only to find yourself puffing back on the bogey. At this point, you’re probably sick and tired on the hold cigarettes have on your life, and your ready to give quitting a real shot. Maybe you’ve even browsed vapes and e-cigs online and gone ahead to buy e liquid online.

Well if this is you, then let me provide you with the roadmap on how to quit smoking using e-cigs.

It all starts with the turkey served cold

As much as you don’t want to hear it, the first step to quitting smoking using e-cigs is to stop smoking completely without any nicotine replacement products. I wouldn’t usually recommend this to a non-serious quitter, but your sick and tired of these cigs, so I know your strong enough to do it.

For at least 3 days, you need to stop smoking. You should choose Friday, or whatever day is lead stressful for you, to quit. Consider even taking the next 3 days off work if you want your start date to fall in the work week. Indulge in junk food, cookies, ice cream – feel free to do anything and everything comforting just to get your mind of smoking. Smoking is absolutely the worst habit you can have for your long term health, so enjoy all these things guilt free.

On day 2, you’re going to start getting cranky as your body demands nicotine, and that’s okay. Push through it, I’m sure your family will understand your mood, be encouraging and understanding. Continue relaxing, watching movies (don’t watch anything where the characters smoke), eating chips and ice cream. Play some video games, then go to sleep.

Remember, right now your only goal and focus should be not smoking. Forget about assignments, work related projects or anything that would cause you any stress. That’s not important, those are all things, jobs. What your doing now is everything, it’s your life.

Day 3 comes, and your bodies nicotine is almost totally out of your system. This is when headaches are going to roll in, and this is when your e-cig or vape is going to come in handy.

Begin using your c-cig after 3 days

If you are just fine at this stage, don’t worry about even using an e-cig, just keep going as long as you can without any nicotine. If you can’t bare it any longer and really are about to break and have a smoke, than now is the time your e-cig or vape will come in handy. Begin inhaling your vape with nicotine content, and this should help ease any unrest that you have. Check out some great e-liquids for your vape at

Continue using your e-cig on a needs only basis when you really are about to break and have a cigarette. Make sure your e-cig’s e-juice has relatively high nicotine content to fulfill your craving.

And that’s really the trick to quit smoking using e-cigs. You have to fully quit first, and then, only then when you feel like you’re going to break and smoke a cig, is when you take a few puffs of your e-cig and you’ll be good to go in continuing your now more healthy life.

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